Data Center Designing & Construction

Poolin HPC(High Performance Computing) achieves the ultimate simplicity and intelligence of the data center through comprehensive innovation in system architecture and technology, with advanced means of digitalization, networking and intelligence. This provides customers with the ultimate data center solution that is smart, efficient and environmentally friendly.

Modular  |  Flexible  |  Agile  |  Efficient

Different demands, different solutions.

  • ATDC  |  Advanced Technology Data Center

    The Advanced Technology Data Center consists of intelligent modular units. These units have advanced integration with smart thermostats, intelligent sensors, professional power distribution systems and online management tools. It can be a real AI (Artificial Intelligence) for mining and also has features for rapid deployment and smooth evolution.

    • Prefabricated module delivery, as easy to assemble as LEGO;
    • Artificial intelligence(AI) empower the remote control of mining;
    • Premium efficiency, miner online rate is up to 99%;
    • Smart operation & maintenance, decrease administrative cost;
    • Intelligent batch management, reduce energy consumption significantly
  • EMDC  |  Economical Modular Data Center

    Economical Modular Data Center is an compact and efficient data center solution that not only has excellent mining machine installed capacity, but also provides a safe and efficient operating environement for mining machines. Economical prefabricated modular data center solutions can significantly shorten the date center construction period, reduce capital expenditure and operating expenses.

    • Cost-effectiveness, maximum returns;
    • 100% modularization, save 50% deployment time;
    • Repeated practicability & durability testing, ensure the steady and efficient operation
  • MCDC  |  Mobile Containerized Data Center

    Mobile Containerized Data Center is a comprehensive mining solution that integrates modular structure system, power system, network system, HVAC system and intelligent management system. This solution greatly reduces the limitations of traditional data centers in terms of site selection, climate factors and power infrastructure, once again lowering the threshold for data center construction and making it possible for everyone to build a date center.

    • Holistic solution, designed for rapid deployment;
    • Mobile design for easy transfer;
    • Considerate stackable design, great for space-saving

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